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CONTINUOUS PROCESS: Introduction to Distributed Control Systems
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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12 months
The Introduction to Distributed Control Systems training program, or unit, is designed to familiarize trainees with DCS architecture and basic tasks that DCS technicians may be asked to perform. After completing this program, the trainees should be able to describe the architectural organization of DCS field components, central components, and control loops. They should also be able to describe ways that a DCS technician typically works with a DCS.


  • Explain the functions of input and output devices.
  • Describe the difference between digital and analog I/O devices.
  • List examples of I/O field devices.
  • Describe how I/O devices communicate.
  • Identify I/O devices from a piping and instrument diagram.
  • Describe typical I/O field termination equipment.
  • Describe typical I/O and control processor cards and functions.
  • Explain the data functions of the system server.
  • Explain how to use a DCS user interface for basic information retrieval.
  • Describe DCS networks.
  • Explain why and how PLCs are sometimes part of a DCS.
  • Describe typical control loops.
  • Describe the information that can be obtained from loop sheets.
  • Describe preparations for working on a field device.
  • Describe basic service operations that may have to be performed on a field device.
  • Identify troubleshooting tasks that can be performed in a rack room.
  • Identify tasks that can be performed at a DCS user interface.
  • DCS Architecture
  •   - Field Components
  •   - Central Components
  •   - Control Loops
  • Working with a DCS
  •   - Field Device Tasks
  •   - Rack Room Tasks
  •   - At the User Interface
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