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Petroleum Online is a comprehensive series of e-Learning modules that provide an in-depth overview of each sector of the international oil and gas industry. It is easily accessible on the Web and designed to make learning both challenging and enjoyable. The learning media is all-inclusive: engaging video introduces key concepts, illustrative graphics surround the text and challenging assessments internalize learning.


This series is suitable for anyone associated with the energy sector who wishes to expand his/her understanding of the oil and gas industry. It has broad appeal, from entry-level personnel to board members, who are seeking a more expansive perspective of the industry.

Key Features

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Each module
contains the following:

  • Approximately two hours of learning
  • Extensively illustrated text and graphics
  • Video and flash segments to enhance learning
  • Audio and other engaging, interactive elements
  • Review questions and challenging assessments to test comprehension
  • Individual reporting system to record progress and performance

Content Overview

The Petroleum Online series consists of 14 modules that clearly explain the dynamic drivers of the oil and gas industry throughout its upstream, midstream and downstream sectors.

All Sectors

Two modules cover the full oil and gas value chains. The first module in the series - Oil and Gas Industry Overview - is a broad and comprehensive introduction to the industry. It offers an ideal starting point for learners. The last module in the series - Oil and Gas Business Game - is an integrated business game that is ideally suited for those who have progressed through all of the modules.

  • Oil & Gas Industry Overview
  • Oil & Gas Business Game

Upstream Sector

Six modules are devoted to the challenging Upstream Sector of the industry - how oil and gas is found, produced and supplied to world markets. They begin with the negotiation of host country agreements, which are necessary to obtain access to exploration blocks, and continue through exploration and field development of both oil and gas fields, to the sale of crude and natural gas into the wholesale market.

  • Upstream Oil & Gas Agreements
  • Petroleum Geology & the Exploration Process
  • Drilling & Well Completions
  • Field Development & Production
  • Upstream Gas: From Exploration to Wholesale Markets
  • Marketing & Trading of Crude Oil

Midstream Sector

Three modules cover the important Midstream Sector of the industry - the transportation and processing of oil and gas into products that meet market standards. The two oil modules include crude transportation, by pipelines and crude tankers, and their refining into petroleum products. The gas module is devoted to the processing of produced gas into natural gas and gas liquid streams, the transportation of compressed gas in pipelines and the liquefaction of gas to form LNG and its transportation in ships to distant markets.

  • Crude Oil Transportation & Storage
  • Midstream Gas: Gas Processing, Transportation & Load Balancing
  • Refining & Product Specifications

Downstream Sector

Three modules are devoted to the Downstream Sector of the industry - the end product markets. One covers the marketing and sale of petroleum products, another the distribution and sale of natural gas and the third an overview of the very interesting petrochemical industry.

  • Marketing & Distribution of Petroleum Products
  • Downstream Gas: Gas Distribution, Marketing & Trading
  • Overview of Petrochemicals
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