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PMP 4 - Project Time Management (Fifth Edition)
(Duration: 3:30:00)
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12 months
This course was designed as a supplemental study guide for the major content areas of Chapter 6 of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®, Guide), Fifth Edition. In this course, you will consider how to best plan and schedule activities. You will familiarize yourself with the various techniques used to calculate and analyze activity time estimates, including ways to estimate the duration of activities.
    • List the Project Time Management knowledge area component processes
    • Define activities using an activity list, activity attributes, and a milestone list
    • Discuss various techniques for estimating duration and know when to apply them
    • Describe how project activities can be sequenced
    • Demonstrate how the resources required for a project can be estimated
    • Explain how limited availability of resources can affect the scheduling of activities
    • Demonstrate how a project schedule network diagram is created and read
    • Describe schedule network analysis and how it can help to determine the critical path for a project
    • Explain how to control a projects schedule by initiating change requests or employing techniques of schedule compression or buffering
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