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PMP 8 - Project Communications Management (Fifth Edition)
(Duration: 3:30:00)
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12 months
This course was designed as a supplemental study guide for the major content areas of Chapter 10 of A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK®, Guide), Fifth Edition. In this course, you will learn about how project management teams can effectively communicate with the projects various stakeholders.
    • Describe the basic communication models and how these models can be applied to Project Communications Management techniques
    • Identify the various inputs, tools and techniques, and outputs of Project Communications Management activities
    • Explain the basics of effective communication in the context of project management
    • Describe the importance of the communications management plan
    • Conduct communication requirements analysis to determine how communications will be planned for in the communications management plan
    • Identify the different methods and technologies of communication, and explain under which circumstances specific methods and technologies are more likely to be successful
    • Explain the conventions of creating performance reports that use variance analysis and forecasting techniques to update stakeholders on the progress of the project
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