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Wireline Well Logging
(Duration: 8:00:00)
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12 months
Competency Statement: Select and apply the appropriate well logging tools for a particular set of well conditions and reservoir study parameters.

Learning Objective: Upon completing this Learning Module assignment, the participant should be able to

  • select the appropriate logging tool(s) for evaluating a given reservoir prameter, taking into account operating conditions and limitations.
  • specify procedures, surface equipment, and auxiliary tools to be employed on a logging job.
  • Assignment Instruction: In this Learning Module, you will select and apply the appropriate tools for conducting open hole logging surveys at Well 2A5-NE, based on well conditions and formation evaluation objectives. By the time you complete this module, you should understand the basic operating principles of commonly used logging tools and be able to determine their areas of application.

    Conductor casing has been set at Well 2A5-NE, and the surface hole is currently being drilled. Your tasks in this assignment are to review the surface logging program, and then to select the appropriate tools for logging from Target Depth to the shoe of the surface casing.

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