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Competency Statement: Determine the most appropriate procedures, equipment, tools and cementing materials for assuring a high-quality cement job.

Learning Objective: Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to

  • determine the volume, displacement and density requirements for cementing a casing string
  • select the cement additives appropriate to a given job
  • specify the casing accessories to be use on a primary cement job
  • outline the steps involved in cementing a string of casing
  • evaluate the results of a primary or squeeze cementing operation
  • calculate the volumes and displacements required to set a cement plug
  • Assignment Instruction: In this assignment, you will determine the appropriate procedures, materials and equipment for assuring a high-quality cement job on Well 5A1-SW. By the time you complete this module, you should be able to determine cement volume, density and displacement requirements, select cement additives, specify casing accessories, outline cementing procedures, evaluate job results, and make basic cement plug calculations.

    Well 5A1-SW has been drilled to T.D., and the openhole formation evaluation program has been completed. It is now time to run and cement the production string. The purpose of this primary cement job, in which cement slurry is pumped down through the casing and up the casing-hole annulus, is to form a seal between the casing and formation, and to support the weight of the casing string.

    In this module, you will determine how much cement you need for the production casing, what materials and additives you should use, what casing accessories and equipment you need, and what procedures you should follow. You will then evaluate the success of the primary cement job and, if necessary, recommend remedial work.

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