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Production Optimization
(Duration: 8:00:00)
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12 months
Competency Statement: Optimize the perfomance of individual producing wells.

Learning Objective: Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to

  • analyze well behavior, using nodal analysis and interpreting historical production trends
  • diagnose equipment problems and/or detect production deviations
  • identify production problems relating to pressure decline, water, gas or sand production, low productivity, formation damage or equipment failure
  • recommend actions required for optimizing production, identify candidate wells for well servicing, stimulation and/or sand control and indicate the best method to use
  • Assignment Instruction: In this Learning Module, you will review the actual performance of Well 5A1-SW, as well as that of several other wells in offsetting fields, in an effort to optimize their production rates. By the time you complete this module, you should be able to analyze well behavior using nodal analysis and historical production trends, diagnose equipment problems and/or detect production deviations, and recommend the appropriate action for optimizing production.

    Well 5A1-SW has been completed in the Upper/Middle sands, and a production and buildup tests have been completed. You now need to see if the well's actual performance matches what was predicted before its completion. You will be looking for ways to optimize this well's production under both current and future reservoir conditions. You will also look at other wells, including two that are currently producing using electric submersible pumps and one that is planned as a rod pump completion, and make recommendations regarding their performance.

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