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Production Facilities
(Duration: 8:00:00)
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12 months
Competency Statement: Determine surface facility requirements for handling the gas and liquid production volumes established for the reservoir.

Learning Objective: Upon completion of this module, the participant should be able to

  • determine fluid handling and transport requirements for surface facilities and equipment
  • identify the surface facility components needed to handle the field's production, specifying their capacities and pressure ratings
  • generate a general surface facilities layout showing the path of the produced fluids from the wellhead to the transportation point (pipeline or loading rack)
  • Assignment Instruction: In this Learning Module, you will make preliminary recommendations regarding the surface production facility design for the Sucre field. By the time you complete this module, you should be able to determine basic requirements for handling produced oil, water and gas, and develop a general surface facility layout showing the path of the produced fluids from the wellhead to the sales point.

    A production forecast has been generated for the Upper/Middle sands based on extended production tests and currently available rock and fluid data. You will decide how to use this forecast in sizing the surface facilities, and you will determine what types of fluid handling, separation and treating equipment will be needed. You will also specify the path that the produced fluids will follow through the production facility. Although your work will be of a very preliminary and general nature, it will be instrumental in future cost analyses, budget planning, and, ultimately, selection of an optimal reservoir development scenario.

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