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Offshore Production Facilities
(Duration: 3:20:00)
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Starting with a broad look at the offshore oil and gas industry, including its history, current scope, trends, challenges and an overview of regulatory environments, this Topic examines the primary design considerations for offshore production facilities and identifies key drivers and decision factors in offshore project development. It goes on to describe the various types of platforms, surface components and subsea production facilities: their design features, equipment components operating considerations and areas of application. Included are discussions of offshore pipelines, production equipment and operations, and requirements for decommissioning and removal of offshore facilities. The presentation concludes with case studies of deepwater operations in West Africa and the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Overview Of The Offshore Petroleum Industry, Primary Design Considerations For Offshore Production Facilities, Development Project Drivers And Key Decision Factors, Platforms And Surface Facilities, Subsea Production Facilities, Offshore Pipelines, Offshore Production Equipment And Operations, Decommissioning And Removal Of Offshore Facilities, Offshore Development: Case Studies, References And Additional Information.
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