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Static Corrections
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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12 months
Examines how static corrections are applied to seismic data to compensate for near-surface or water-bottom effects. Describes long-wavelength static problems and computation methods, including considerations in choosing a seismic datum and accounting for the geology of the area. Examines deterministic methods for deriving the near-surface velocity model. Discusses short-wavelength static corrections, including cross-correlation methods, surface-consistent methods, genetic algorithms, cross-dip corrections and 3-D statics. Describes layer replacement techniques of ray trace modeling and wave equation datuming.
  • Basic Concepts, Long Wavelength Statics, Deterministic Techniques for Deriving the Near Surface Velocity Models, Short Wavelength Static (Residual Static), Layer Replacement Techniques, References and Additional Information.
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