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Refining & Product Specifications
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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Crude oil, like other raw materials, has few practical uses in and of itself. Its value lies in the products that can be extracted from it. Learn how crude oil is processed into commercial products through various refining processes. Also explore why some refineries are more complex than others and what business decisions go into each day’s refinery run.
  • Overview
  • Crude Oil Characteristics
  • The Refining Process
    • - Crude Yields and Product Demand
    • - Functions of a Refinery
    • - Hydroskimming Refinery
    • - Cracking Refinery
    • - Deep Conversion Coking Refinery
    • - Refinery Complexity
    • - Non-Refined Petroleum Supply/Blend Streams
    • - Refining Economics
    • - Cost of Crude Oil and Value of Petroleum Products
    • - Impact of Refining Complexity on Refining Margins
    • - Impact of Refining Capacity on Refining Margins
    • - Refinery Case Study
    • - Future Trends
  • Health, Safety and Environmental Considerations
  • Summary
  • References
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