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Overview of Petrochemicals
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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Petrochemicals, which are derived from crude oil and natural gas, add a unique dimension to the Oil and Gas Value Chain. Learn how oil and gas feedstocks are converted into petrochemical products ranging from fertilizers to plastics, and from clothing to pharmaceuticals. Also, the economics of petrochemical plants and see why a petrochemical plant in Trinidad has done so well in recent years.
  • Overview: What are Petrochemicals
  • Characteristics of the Petrochemical Industry
  • The Seven Basic Petrochemical Building Blocks
    • - Product Families and End-Uses
    • - Methane
    • - Olefins
    • - The Aromatics
    • - Petrochemical Plant Economics
    • - Components of Capital Investment
    • - Components of Production Costs
    • - Economics of a Mega-Methanol Project
    • - Why Invest in Petrochemical
    • - Profitability Cycles
    • - Major Industry Issues
  • Case Studies and Project Decriptions
  • References
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