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LNG Value Chain and Markets
(Duration: 02:00:00)
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12 months
This midstream gas course covers, in some detail, the LNG value chain, from gas supply to liquefaction, ship transportation and receiving/regasification terminals and the processes/facilities required in each sector. Then the economics of a special LNG case study is presented to show the typical economics of a project. In essence you will learn the price that must be charged for LNG delivered into a distant market, considering capital and operating costs and the impact of the revenues received for the hydrocarbon liquids produced and sold with the gas. The module also contains a summary of the historical LNG market development, including the major exporters and importers, and the various regional market prices of LNG. It concludes with hemispheric maps showing the locations of the existing liquefaction and receiving terminals.
  • Overview
  • LNG Value Chain
    • - LNG Fundamentals
    • - Gas Liquefaction Processes
    • - LNG Storage Tanks
    • - LNG Ships
    • - LNG Receiving Terminals
  • LNG Markets and Market Pricing
    • - LNG Markets
    • - LNG Market Pricing
  • LNG Project Fundamentals and Economics
  • Summary
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