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Gravity, Magnetic, and Electromagnetic Exploration Methods
(Duration: 8:00:00)
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12 months
Recognize uses and limitations of gravity, magnetics and electromagnetic (EM) methods of exploration. List survey design criteria for each technique. Estimate the thickness of the sedimentary section of a basin using different data types. Upon completing this course, the learner will be able to: describe the basic principles and tools used in gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic techniques, identify main exploration application for gravity, magnetics and electro-magnetic surveys, and outline design considerations of gravity, magnetic and electromagnetic surveys, and apply basic interpretation techniques to determine depth to basement.
    • Planning a Gravity Survey
    • Interpreting Gravity Data
    • Planning a Magnetic Survey
    • Interpreting Magnetic Data
    • Using the Magneto-Telluric Method
    • Aquifer Detection and Characterization
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