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Data Logging and Geological Information
(Duration: 8:00:00)
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12 months
Design programs for collecting subsurface rock and fluid samples. Design mud-logging and cuttings program. Evaluate and select coring program. Specify requirements for measuring formation pressures and temperatures. Determine the necessary studies to be carried out using these data. Specify mud logging requirements including: collection intervals, sampling preparation, hydrocarbon indicators and lithology reporting. Design a well-cutting program including analysis; identify what uses these samples are used for. Describe order and inter-relationship of different well evaluation techniques. Design a coring program and specify procedures for sample collection, handling and analysis. Define fluid sampling requirements. Specify types of equipment to be used. Identify other data collection services that maybe needed for the successful evaluation.
    • Conventional (Routine) core Analysis and Special Core Analysis
    • Logging While Drilling (LWD); Reporting on Well Operations
    • Impact on Reservoir Geological Model
    • Future Data Acquisition and Well Program
    • Proposed Evaluation Appraisal Well 1 and 2
    • Monitoring the well; Drillers Log and Mud Log
    • Cuttings Sampling and Description; Litho-Stratigraphic Column
    • Daily Drilling and Daily Geological Reports
    • Wire-Line Logging; Sidewall Coring and Full Coring
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