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Overview of Finance
(Duration: 4:00:00)
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12 months
Provides background on the financial environment by familiarizing you with its major characteristics, definitions, and functions. You will learn how financial decisions fit into the world of business decision-making and how these choices pose problems, challenges, and opportunities for organizations and individuals.
    • Types of Business Organizations
    • Wealth and Profit Maximization
    • Business Ethics and Social Responsibility
    • Where Does the Finance Function Fit In and What Are Its Typical Responsibilities?
    • Agency Relationships: Stockholders and Managers
    • Motivating Managers
    • The Five Key Principles of Financial Management
    • Financial Markets and Institutions
    • Financing and Operations Growth
    • The Stock Market
    • The Cost of Money: Interest Rates and Required Rates of Return
    • Vocabulary Game
    • Self-Assessment
    • Self-Assessment Re-Test
    • For Further Reference
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