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Glycol Dehydration Unit Operation
(Duration: 1:30:00)
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12 months
Details the operation of the unit and its control instrumentation. Explains procedures and tests for maintaining the liquid glycol and reducing losses. Includes checklists for troubleshooting, startup and shutdown.
    • Introduction to Glycol Dehydration Unit Operation
      • Liquid Desiccants
      • Glycol Dehydration Process
      • Dew Point
      • Process Variables
    • Operation and Controls
      • Inlet Separator
      • Contactor Column
      • Gas-Condensate-Glycol Separator
      • Filters
      • Regenerator
      • Surge Tank
      • Pumps
      • Heat Exchangers
    • Glycol Conditioning and Reducing Glycol Losses
      • Temperature and Pressure Conditions
      • Reducing Glycol Losses
      • Glycol Tests
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