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Cryogenic Process Principles
(Duration: 1:30:00)
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12 months
Presents the concepts and principles of cryogenics as used in gas processing. Includes the components of a typical cryogenic plant. Describes flow of the process gas and liquid streams.
    • Introduction to Cryogenic Process Principles
      • Natural Gas Components
      • Economics of Liquid Separation
      • Gas Chilling
      • Cryogenic Process
    • Expander-Compressor Plant
      • Components and Flow
      • Inlet Filter-Separator
      • Molecular Sieve Beds
      • Dust Filters
      • Heat Exchangers
      • Cold Separator
      • Expander-Compressor
      • J-T Valve
      • Demethanizer
      • Additional Equipment
      • Vessels and Piping
    • Process Flow
      • Process Gas Stream
      • Process Liquid Stream
      • Plant Variations
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