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Principles of Amine Sweetening
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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Describes the problems caused by acid gases in natural gas and the chemical processes used to remove them. Outlines the process flow of a typical amine sweetening unit and highlights the function of its components. Illustrates the internal workings of the closed vessels (contractor column, flash tank, heat exchanger, stripper column and reboiler).
    • Overview of Principles of Amine Sweetening
      • Acid Gases in Natural Gas
      • Gas Sweetening
      • Alkanolamines
      • Absorption
      • Distillation
      • Heat Transfer
      • Basic Process
    • Process Flow and Components
      • Inlet Separator
      • Contactor Column
      • Flash Tank
      • Filters
      • Lean/Rich Heat Exchanger
      • Stripper Column
      • Reflux Condenser/Accumulator
      • Reboiler
      • Reclaimer
      • Surge Tank
      • Trim Cooler
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