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Employee Rights
(Duration: 3:00:00)
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12 months
From establishing an ethics code to handling disciplinary issues, human resource managers play a key role in protecting the rights of employees by ensuring they are treated fairly, and that appropriate laws and policies are enforced. In this course, you will learn about issues relating to employee rights in the workplace. We'll consider the relationship between HR and ethics, employment laws that protect the rights of workers, and appropriate procedures for disciplining and terminating employees. The second half of the course will focus on unions and labor relations.
    • Describe the HRM role in establishing and maintaining an organization's ethical standards
    • Understand the importance of developing an employee privacy policy
    • Describe the elements of a progressive discipline system
    • Deal appropriately with a variety of issues surrounding an employee's termination
    • Understand the issues of working within union and non-union environments
    • Explain the procedures for certifying, decertifying, and deauthorizing unions
    • Describe fair and unfair labor practices
    • Discuss various methods for resolving impasses during collective bargaining
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