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CISSP® Exam Prep Course
(Duration: 40:00:00)
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12 months
The CISSP® Exam Prep Course prepares test-takers for the Certified Information Systems Security Professional exam, as administered by the International Information System Security Certification Consortium (ISC)2. The CISSP® certification is recognized worldwide and adheres to the strict standards of ISO/IEC 17024. As security breaches outpace the available pool of security experts, the need for information security professionals with proper certifications will continue to grow. Among other titles, obtaining the CISSP® certification prepares one for a position as a Security Analyst, Chief Information Security Officer, or as a Security Architect.

This course contains two 120-question practice exams, which cover The International Information System Security Certification Consortium's eight domains:

  • 1. Asset Security
  • 2. Communications and Network Security
  • 3. Identity and Access Management
  • 4. Security and Risk Management
  • 5. Security Assessment and Testing
  • 6. Security Engineering
  • 7. Security Operations
  • 8. Software Development Security
    • Discuss the foundational concepts of information security, such as the CIA triad
    • Know the different information security frameworks
    • Explain information security training and education
    • Discuss the information life cycle
    • Explain how information and data are classified
    • Learn about data and information privacy
    • Understand system and computer architecture
    • Explain and compare symmetric and asymmetric cryptography
    • Learn about physical security risks and mitigation
    • Compare different types of networks
    • Contrast the OSI model with the TCP/IP Model
    • Identify and differentiate among network, routing, and data link protocols
    • Describe the functions of common networking devices and how wireless networks work
    • Evaluate different identification methods and technologies
    • Assess and test various security controls
    • Describe business continuity and disaster recovery plans
    • Understand the role of security operations
    • Identify trusted recovery techniques
    • Relate the steps required in effective incident management
    • Discuss the role of auditing, monitoring, and detection in information security
    • Learn the steps of a digital forensics investigation
    • Explain the software development life cycle
    • Discuss the role of databases in information security
    • Recognize several software-based and network attacks
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