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Cloud Application Security
(Duration: 5:00:00)
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12 months
Cloud computing and cloud-based applications are more prevalent today than ever before. Software developers must continuously challenge themselves to stay up to date securing cloud-based applications. This course begins by presenting several challenges and solutions for securing cloud-based applications. Learners are then presented with several real-world scenarios to apply the material they've learned. This course follows the structure of the (ISC)2 Certified Cloud Computing Professional certification. While it is intended as a part of a five-course suite, it can be taken as a stand-alone course. This course assumes a basic understanding of internet technology.
    • Describe the different stages of the Software Development Lifecycle and how they apply to cloud applications
    • Understand the role of identity and access management in cloud computing
    • Identify different means of authentication
    • Describe the various vulnerabilities of cloud applications
    • Apply what you have learned to real-world scenarios involving cybersecurity and cloud computing
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