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Body Language for Leaders
(Duration: 3:00:00)
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12 months
At the core of strong leadership is the ability to communicate effectively. But many leaders focus solely on their spoken words while ignoring the impact of their nonverbal cues, including facial expressions, hand gestures, body movements, and eye gaze. By understanding the impact of body language, leaders can learn how to communicate in a way that builds and sustains positive relationships with employees, clients, and business partners. This course will provide leaders with tips for reading body language and using it to exude both strength and warmth. The course also addresses gender stereotypes and cross-cultural body language and explores the role of body language in virtual communication.
    • Define leadership and identify the essential leadership skills
    • Explain how body language impacts leadership
    • Read basic body language cues
    • Use body language to exude warmth and empathy
    • Consider how to be an inclusive leader through active listening
    • Demonstrate charisma through body language
    • Use body language effectively when negotiating
    • Explore ways to use body language to debunk gender stereotypes
    • Identify body language norms across various cultures
    • Consider how to improve cross-cultural competencies
    • Manage body language during a video conference
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