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Search Engine Optimization
(Duration: 3:00:00)
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12 months
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) encompasses the practices and metrics of trying to increase a web site's ranking with search engines. This course will engage learners through a variety of assignments that span the history and technology of the World Wide Web. Students will learn how to leverage both content and technical features in order to increase ranking while also learning about the latest tools to measure performance. These aspects are then incorporated into real-world scenarios that challenge students to apply what they have learned.
    • Address SEO as a business process, identifying how it fits within traditional communications and marketing roles
    • Define the components of a web page and how each contributes to search engine rankings
    • Describe how search engines find and rank web site content
    • Identify strategies for enhancing search engine ranking
    • Demonstrate successful application of the concepts learned to real-world scenarios
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