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Programming Common Functions
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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12 months
The PLCs: Programming Common Functions training program, or unit, is designed to familiarize trainees with the basics of programming common functions for a programmable logic controller. After completing this program, the trainees should be able to identify common non-I/O PLC instructions and explain how they are used.
    • Simple Word Instructions
      • Word Addresses; Timers; Counters; Analog I/O
    • Program Control Instructions
      • Modifying the Scan Sequence; Modifying the Scan Cycle
    • Comparison and Math Instructions
      • Data Comparison Instructions; Math Instructions
    • Data Manipulation Instructions
      • Registers and Sequencers; File Instructions; PID Loop Instruction
    • A Real System Example
      • The Hardware; The PLC Program
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