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Ladder Logic and Symbology
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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12 months
The PLCs: Ladder Logic and Symbology training program, or unit, is designed to familiarize trainees with how PLCs use ladder diagrams and what the symbols used on ladder diagrams mean. After completing this program, the trainees should be able to identify common ladder diagram symbols, explain how a ladder diagram rung performs the logic functions necessary to determine whether the rung is true or false, and interpret the meaning of some common PLC instructions.
    • The Ladder Diagram Rung
      • The Ladder Diagram as a Parallel Circuit
      • Ladder Diagram Symbols
      • Multiple Devices on a Rung
    • Complete Ladder Diagrams
      • The Multiple Rung Control Program
      • Rung Numbers and Cross References
    • Ladder Logic Execution
      • PLC vs. Hardwired Program Execution
      • Complex Instructions
      • Interruptions to the Scan Cycle
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