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This interactive training unit introduces the basic features of construction blueprints. After completing this unit, trainees should be able to describe various types of blueprints; identify lines, symbols, and abbreviations that are commonly found in blueprints; and explain how to properly care for blueprints.


  • Introduction
    • Describe what a blueprint is, and identify some of the methods used to create blueprints.
    • Identify two basic types of drawings that can be used to illustrate objects on paper.
    • Describe the types of drawings typically included in a set of blueprints:
      • Working Drawings (plan views, elevation drawings, section drawings, detail drawings) 
      • Auxiliary Drawings (electrical plans, HVAC plans, plumbing plans, door and window schedules, framing plans) 
    • Describe the basic elements of a blueprint, including the design drawing area, title block, revision block, legend and scale. 
  • Scales and Symbols
    • Describe the Engineer's, Architect's and Metric scales commonly used as measuring tools for blueprints.
    • Describe the following types of lines commonly used on blueprints:
        • Property lines
        • Boundary lines
        • Main object lines
        • Hidden lines
        • Center lines
        • Dimension and extension lines
        • Break lines
        • Section lines
        • Reference lines for sections
        • Leader lines
    • Identify examples of building material symbols, electrical symbols, plumbing and piping symbols and door and window symbols  commonly used on blueprints.
    • Identify abbreviations commonly used on blueprints.
  • Using Blueprints
    • Describe how dimensions are used on blueprints to show sizes and distances.
    • Identify rules for protecting blueprints during their use.
  • Introduction
  •   - What is a Blueprint?
  •   - Working Drawings
  •   - Parts of a Blueprint
  • Scales and Symbols
  •   - Types of Scales
  •   - Line Scales
  •   - Symbols
  •   - Abbreviations
  • Using Blueprints
  •   - Dimensions
  •   - Care of Blueprints
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