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Splices and Terminations
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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12 months
This interactive training unit is designed to familiarize trainees with splices and terminations used in electrical systems of less than 600 volts. After completing this unit, the trainees should be able to identify basic types of electrical wiring, conductor terminals, and connectors; describe tools and materials required to make conductor splices and terminations; explain what makes a good electrical connection; describe common types of splices; and explain how to connect conductors to a terminal box on a 3-phase AC motor.
    • Hardware and Accessories
      • Types and Sizes of Conductors; Terminals
      • Solder Connectors; Solderless Connectors (Compression and Mechanical)
      • Ring Terminal; Spade (Fork) Terminal; Quick Disconnect Terminals
      • Butt Splice and Reducing Connectors; Compression Connector Variations
      • Mechanical Connectors; Dual-Rated Connectors; Wire Connectors
      • Strippers and Crimpers; Solder and Soldering Tools; Insulation (Tubing and Tapes); Cable Ties and Cable Clips
    • Making Connections
      • De-energizing Electrical Systems; Stripping Insulation; Selecting Connectors, Materials
      • Common Splicing Methods (Western Union Splice, Rattail Joint, Fixture Joint, and Knotted Tap Joint)
      • Enclosures; Motor Connections
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