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Power Generation and Hydrogen Cooling
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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This interactive training unit is designed to familiarize trainees with the basic operation of an AC generator and auxiliary systems and components associated with it. After completing this unit, trainees should be able to explain how voltage is induced in an AC generator, how an AC generator produces current, and how an AC generator can be cooled.


  • Generating Electricity
    • Name the basic parts of a generator and describe the function of each in inducing voltage.
    • Describe the primary difference between a single-phase generator and a threephase generator.
    • Name two factors that determine the frequency of the current produced by a generator.
    • Explain why the frequency of a generator's output must be controlled.
    • Explain the function of the exciter in a generator.
    • Name the parts of a DC exciter and the parts of a brushless exciter and describe their functions.
  • Generator Cooling
    • Explain why a large generator is typically cooled with hydrogen instead of air.
    • Explain the function of an oil seal in a hydrogen-cooled generator.
    • Describe how hydrogen is supplied to a generator cooling system.
    • Explain the purpose of each of the following components in a hydrogen generator cooling system: purity analyzer, core monitor, hydrogen dryer, liquid detector.
    • Explain how carbon dioxide and air are used to purge a generator cooling system.
    • Describe the flow of water in a typical stator cooling system.
    • Describe the function of each of the following components in a typical stator cooling system: temperature control valve, pressure control valve, demineralizer.
  • Generating Electricity
  •   - Principles of Induction
  •   - Output Frequency
  •   - Generator Excitation
  • Generator Cooling
  •   - Hydrogen Cooling
  •   - Cooling Auxiliary Systems
  •   - Gas Purging
  •   - Stator Cooling System
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