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The Steam Cycle
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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In this unit, main components of the steam cycle in a fossil fuel fired power plant will be identified. The unit will also trace the order in which steam and water flow through these components in order to show how the components are arranged.


  • Components
    • Describe how a boiler works.
    • Describe how fuel and air are supplied to a boiler.
    • Describe how a turbine works.
    • Describe how a condenser works.
    • Describe the function of the condensate-feedwater system.
    • Describe the function of the circulating water system.
    • Describe the function of the makeup water system.
  • Flow
    • Describe how steam and water move through the steam cycle.
    • Describe how the flow of steam and the flow of water are controlled.
    • Describe how the flow of fuel to the boiler can be controlled.
    • Describe three general actions that must be taken during any emergency.
    • Describe the emergency actions that must be taken if there is a loss of flame in the boiler.
  • Components
  •   - Boilers
  •   - Turbines
  •   - Condensers
  • Flow
  •   - Movement of Steam and Water
  •   - Steam and Water Flow Control
  •   - Fuel Flow Control
  •   - Emergencies
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