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Advanced Electrical Safety
(Duration: 0:45:00)
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12 months
The purpose of this unit is to give trainees a general understanding of basic principles of electricity and electrical safety. At the conclusion of this unit, trainees will have a basic understanding of various aspects of working safely around electrical equipment.
    • Electrical Concepts
      • Friend or Foe?; Current; Voltage; Resistance
    • Shock
      • What is Shock?
      • Amount of Current, Length of Time
      • Path Through the Body, Effects
    • Hazards
      • High Voltage Area, Overloaded Circuits, Damaged Cords
      • Bare Connectors, Long & Tail Objects, Mobile Equipment, Standing Water
    • Protection
      • Warning Tape, Signs, Locks and Tags
      • Compressed Air and Battery Powered Tools
      • Proper Grounding
    • Emergencies
      • Electrical Shock Victim; Electrical Fire
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