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Introduction to Laboratory Safety
(Duration: 0:45:00)
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12 months
The purpose of this unit is to give trainees a general understanding of basic principles of safety in a laboratory setting. At the conclusion of this unit, trainees will have a basic understanding of general hazards that exist in laboratories, basic personal protection equipment to protect from those hazards, how to locate information about chemicals, basic standard operating procedures and chemical hygiene practices, and how to respond in emergency situations.
    • Hazards in the Laboratory
      • Physical Hazards; Health Hazards; Routes of Exposure
    • Minimizing the Risks
      • Four Basic Safety Principles; Personal Protective Equipment
    • The OSHA Lab Standard
      • General Requirements; The Chemical Hygiene Plan
    • Chemical Hygiene Practices
      • Safety Awareness; Minimizing Exposure
    • Chemical Storage
      • General Storage Requirements; Five Classes of Chemicals
    • Emergency
      • Emergency Response Plan; Emergency Equipment/In Case of Exposure
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