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Safe Forklift Operation
(Duration: 0:45:00)
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12 months
The purpose of this unit is to give trainees a general understanding of various aspects of operating a forklift safely. At the conclusion of this unit, trainees will have a basic understanding of some techniques that are commonly used to maneuver a forklift including some special situations they will probably encounter, traffic safety issues associated with forklift operation, and how to safely handle loads using a forklift.
    • Maneuvering a Forklift
      • Rear Wheel Steering; Turning a Corner; Turning in an Aisle; Turning Around
      • Entering Trucks/Trailers/Rail Cars; Driving on Slopes; Elevators
    • Traffic Safety
      • Personal Preparedness; In Case of a Tipover
      • Pedestrians and Other Vehicles; Obstacles and Hazards
      • Parking a Forklift
    • Handling Loads
      • Visual Inspection; Weights of Loads; Preparing to Move a Load
      • Moving a Load; Placing a Load; Disengaging the Forks; Other Considerations
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