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Aliphatic Chemistry
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This unit offers a condensed and simplified lesson on the characteristics and chemical behavior of the aliphatic branch of organic chemistry. The physical properties, molecular structure, and typical reactions of alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes are discussed.
    • Introduction to Aliphatic Chemistry
      • Types of organic compounds
      • Families of aliphatic compounds
      • Hydrocarbon derivatives
    • Alkanes and Cycloalkanes
      • Naming alkanes
      • Alkane properties; Alkane molecular structures
      • Cycloalkanes
    • Alkenes and Dienes
      • Naming alkenes; Dienes
    • Alkenes and Alkene Reactions
      • Alkane reactions: combustion, halogenation, and nitration
      • Alkene reactions: hydrogenation, ozonolysis, hydration, and polymerization
    • Alkynes
      • Alkyne properties; Naming alkynes; Alkyne reactions
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