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Aromatic Chemistry
(Duration: 0:45:00)
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This unit is designed to introduce trainees to aromatic compounds and the reactions associated with them. It describes the structures of benzene and benzene-derived compounds and explains how aromatic compounds are named. It also covers various types of benzene reactions and identifies typical compounds produced through benzene reactions. In addition, it covers aryl halides, phenols, ethers, aldehydes, ketones, and arenes.
    • Introduction to Aromatics
      • Benzene
      • Benzene-derived hydrocarbons
      • Phenyl groups
    • Benzene Reactions
      • Alkylation, Sulfonation, Halogenation and Nitration
      • Products of benzene reactions
    • Aromatic Compounds
      • Aryl halides
      • Phenols and aromatic ether compounds
      • Aromatic aldehydes and aromatic ketones
      • Arenes
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