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Above Ground Storage Tanks, Part 3
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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12 months
Tank farm operators typically perform tasks such as gauging, sampling, and making material transfers on a daily basis. Other tasks are performed only periodically. One of these periodic tasks is taking a storage tank out of service and bringing it back in service. This course describes the basic steps for taking an aboveground atmospheric tank out of service and putting it back in service.
    • Fundamentals
      • Decommissioning and Recommissioning Tank Fundamentals
    • Safety and Environmental Concerns
      • Major Safety and Environmental Concerns associated with decommissioning and recommissioning an aboveground storage tank.
      • Formal Permitting Procedure
    • Decommissioning a Tank
      • Fundamentals of Decommissioning a Tank
    • Preparing a Tank for Entry
      • Preparing a Decommissioned Tank for Entry by Personnel
    • Working on a Decommissioned Tank
      • Cleaning and Repairing Decommissioned Tanks
    • Recommissioning a Tank
      • Steps for Returning a Decommissioned Storage Tank to Service; Water Testing
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