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Advanced Operator Responsibilities
(Duration: 2:00:00)
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12 months
This course is designed as a refresher for experienced operators and provides a look at the operator's changing role. The specific areas covered include operator responsibilities for safety, data collection, production, and interpersonal communications.
    • Safety Responsibilities, Part 1
      • Operator safety responsibilities
      • Safety regulations: Hazcom, Hazwoper, SARA III
    • Safety Responsibilities, Part 2
      • Operator Safety Responsibilities: Abnormal Plant Conditions and Scheduled Plant Startups and Shutdowns.
      • Operator's Role in Lockout/Tagout Procedures and Confined Space Procedures.
    • Data Collection Responsibilities
      • Written and Oral Data Collection.
    • Production Responsibilities
    • Interpersonal Responsibilities, Part 1
      • Peers, Supervisory Personnel and New Operators
    • Interpersonal Responsibilities, Part 2
      • Customers, the Company and the Community
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