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Auxiliary Vessels
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Process facilities contain a number of process units, and each process unit, in turn, consists of one or more process systems. These process systems are made up of many different types of components, including various types of process vessels. A process operator's job involves working with all of the major parts of a process system, so operators must be familiar with the functions and features of different types of process vessels. This course focuses on a general group of vessels that can be referred to as auxiliary vessels.
    • Overview
      • Equipment and vessels typically used to carry out drying operations
      • Major parts of a process system and examples of included components
      • Several types of storage vessels for solids, liquids, and gases
      • Several types of mixing vessels
    • Separation Techniques
      • Different separation techniques for primary and auxiliary vessels, and several types of separation vessels
      • Auxiliary vessels that use centrifugal force to promote material separation
      • Types of auxiliary vessels that use chemical reactions to separate materials
      • Two types of vessels that use heat transfer for material separation
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