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Fundamentals of Process Solubility
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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12 months
This training module examines the basic concepts that relate to the processing of certain kinds of mixtures. Industrial applications of these concepts are also presented.
    • Introduction to Solubility
      • Heterogeneous Mixtures and Homogeneous Mixtures.
    • Concentration and Rate of Solution
    • Crystalization
      • Crystal Structure, Crystal Formation and Industrial Crystallization System
    • Liquid Extraction
      • Factors Affecting Efficient Liquid Extraction and Industrial Extraction
    • Absorption
      • Factors that Affect Absorption; Typical Industrial Absorbers: Packed Columnm, Spray Chamber, Tray Column
    • Adsorption
      • Adsorbents and Industrial Adsorption Systems
    • Leaching
      • Basics Steps in Leaching; Factors Affecting Leaching; Leaching Systems
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