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Flaring, Venting, and Purging
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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12 months
Industrial process operations produce many different types of useful products. In many cases, however, these operations also produce waste materials that must either be recovered for reuse or safely discarded. Although waste materials may be solids, liquids, or gases, this course focuses on waste gases. Specific attention is directed to how waste gases are removed from process systems and safely disposed of.
    • General Considerations
      • Waste Gases; Relief Systems
    • Venting
      • Venting Fundamentals; Safe Venting of Equipment and Vessels
    • Purging
      • Purging Fundamentals; Introduction to Inerting
    • Flare System
      • Safety Considerations of Flaring; Basic Operation of a Flare
    • Flare Operations
      • Flare System Startups; Operator Responsibilities with Flare Operation
      • Abnormal Flare Operating Conditions; Flare Shutdowns
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