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Portable and Emergency Equipment
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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12 months
This training program focuses on common types of portable and emergency equipment that are found in industrial facilities. Some types of portable equipment are used to periodically analyze conditions in a process or inside process equipment. Other types of portable equipment, such as pumps, have specialized roles that are determined by plant procedures and policies. Emergency equipment, such as respirators and fire fighting equipment, is used strictly during emergencies.
    • Oxygen Analyzers
      • Oxygen Analyzer Parts and Functions and Operation
    • Combustibles and Hazardous Gas Analyzers
    • pH, Temperature, and Vibration Analyzers
    • Portable Process Equipment
      • Hand-operated Drum Pumps, Air-operated Drum Pumps and Centrifuges
    • Respirators
      • Air Purifying and Air-supplied Respirators
    • Fire Protection Equipment and Systems
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