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Azeotropic, Extractive, and Vacuum Columns
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This unit discusses three variations of the basic distillation process - the main parts and the general operation of typical azeotropic, extractive, and vacuum distillation systems including process variables to be monitored and controlled.
    • Introduction
      • Conventional distillation; Conditions unsuited to conventional distillation
      • Three distillation variations; Common distillation column features and operating principles
    • Azeotropic columns
      • Azeotropes and their effect on distillation; Azeotropic systems that do not use solvents
      • Azeotropic distillation: Main equipment, solvents, typical process; Distillation solvent recovery
      • Temperature: Azeotropic column and solvent recovery column, Solvent and feed; Solvent to feed ratio
      • Pressures: Azeotropic column, solvent recovery column, Levels Decanter interface
    • Extractive columns
      • Extractive distillation and azeotropic distillation
      • Extractive distillation: Main equipment and solvents; typical process; distillation solvent recovery
      • Temperature: Extractive and solvent recovery columns, Feed & solvent; Solvent:Feed Pressures Levels
    • Vacuum columns
      • Distilling material at a reduced pressure; Vacuum distillation system: equipment and process
      • Process variables temperature; Pressure Levels and flow rates; Abnormal conditions
      • Changes in feed flow rate or quality; Loss of vacuum
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