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Blending Operations
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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12 months
This course explores some common refinery products and the components used to blend them, different methods for blending products, and typical operator responsibilities throughout blending operations.
    • Introduction to Blending Operations: General blending, Batch blending and in-line blending
    • Gasoline Components and Specifications
      • Common grades; Gasoline blend components; Gasoline volatility, vapor/liquid ratio, and octane number
    • Gasoline Quality
      • Product quality; Oxygenate, octane pool, and blending octane numbers
      • Blending bonuses and blending negatives; Gasoline additives
    • Gasoline Blending
      • Octane giveaway, proto fuel, target octane, trimming, and trim component; In-line gasoline blending
    • Distillates Blending
      • Common distillates and finished products; Jet fuel ;Diesel fuel; Furnace oil
      • Batch blending distillates to produce diesel fuel
    • Asphalt Blending and Residual: Asphalt; Residual fuel; In-line blending of cutback asphalt
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