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Crude Distillation Operations
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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12 months
This course provides an overview of the operation of a crude distillation unit. It examines the steps that crude oil goes through in the crude unit, process variables, and conditions that affect unit operation. This course also considers problems that might arise in the crude distillation unit and how to correct them.
    • Introduction to Crude Distillation
      • Crude distillation overview; Equipment typically used in crude distillation
    • Heating and Desalting
      • Basic steps of desalting; Heating crude before and after desalting; Desalter operation
    • Crude Distillation
      • Flash drum and a pre-fractionator; Atmospheric distillation tower; Vacuum distillation tower
    • Process Variables
      • Charge heater; Atmospheric tower; Vacuum tower
    • Maintaining Process Specifications
      • Cut point, initial boiling point, final boiling point, boiling point percentage, and target temperature range
    • Abnormal Conditions
      • Flooding, dry trays, and upset trays
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