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Hydrotreating and Catalytic Reforming 2
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Operators who work in hydrotreating and catalytic reforming units should also be knowledgeable in areas such as safety, evacuation and purge procedures, and catalyst regeneration and recognize abnormal operating conditions when they occur and know how to react in order to correct them.
    • Safety Considerations
      • Dangers of Hydrogen; Safety Hazards of Gases, Hydrocarbons, and Chlorides; Safety Considerations During Emergency Shutdowns
    • Evacuation and Purge
      • Preparations for Evacuating and Purgin Catalytic Reforming Unit
    • Catalyst Regeneration
      • Chemical Reactions with Catalyst Regeneration; Basic Operating Principles Catalytic Reforming Units
    • Abnormal Operating Conditions, Part 1: Identifying and Responding to Hydrotreating Problems
    • Abnormal Operating Conditions, Part 2: Identifying and Responding to Catalytic Reforming Unit Problems
    • Abnormal Operating Conditions, Part 3: Troubleshooting Catalytic Reforming Unit Problems
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