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Treating and Sulfur Recovery Operations
(Duration: 1:00:00)
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Crude oil contains valuable and desirable hydrocarbon molecules. In addition, however, raw crude and distilled fractions contain impurities. The type and amount of impurities in raw crude and distilled fractions may vary, depending on several factors, including the origins of the crude and the boiling ranges of the fractions. This training unit covers some treating processes that are used to remove or convert sulfur compounds.
    • Introduction to Treating and Sulfur Recovery
      • Treating and sulfur recovery; Crude fractions; Caustic use
    • Amine Treating, Part 1
      • Typical amines; Amine treatment unit
    • Amine Treating, Part 2
      • Typical amine treating process; Foaming
    • Mercaptan Extraction
      • Typical mercaptan extraction process
    • Mercaptan Conversion
      • Liquid-liquid mercaptan conversion system; Fixed bed mercaptan conversion system
    • Sulfur Recovery
      • Claus type sulfur recovery; Sulfur recovery unit operations
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